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The whole thing about techniques is the idea that you need certain
methods to make things work for you, when all you have to do is let things
alone: Then they “work” for you automatically.  If you forget that fact, then
you’ll always be looking for better and better methods…which will never
really work…because Nature and your own nature work best when left

If you’re going to study such issues at all, then look for what you do
right, and you’ll always find that in those areas you let yourself alone and do
what comes naturally, because you are inclined in that direction.

When you concentrate on what’s wrong, you almost always try too hard,
{you} look for methods that will work better than the ones you’re using now….
when the truth is that the methods themselves stand in the way, whatever they
are.  Because Nature doesn’t use methods.  It “works” because it is what it is.

Methods presuppose the opposite, in whatever area of your concern.
They show your belief that nature doesn’t work right on its own.

The Oversoul Seven Trilogy
Jane Roberts

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