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So last week we went down the rabbit hole a ways with an excerpt from What the Bleep Do We Know?!  And so what exactly is the point? 

The point is that we are not passive reactors/responders to life, we actually are active creators of our lives.  It’s even above and beyond the
Law of Attraction ala The Secret. 

When the main character in What the Bleep…, played by Marlee Maitlin, enters the basketball court, otherwise known as the ‘court of endless possibilities’ — the basketball is shown bouncing in an infinite array of places until Marlee turns around to face it and has the expectation of where it will bounce.  The choice has been made and it no longer bounces in infinite places, now it’s one place, the place she chose.  It is said in that scene:
when you are not looking it’s a wave and when you are looking, it’s a particle.   He’s explaining why a basketball could actually be bouncing in an infinite variety of places until you turn around, until you are ‘looking’ and have the expectation for it to be in a singular place. 

Now let’s say that in another way: when you are not looking the possibilities are endless and when you are looking, you’ve honed in on your selection.  Getting a sense of how you might apply that consciously to your own world?

Ponder that for awhile!  And meanwhile I leave you with some more quotes from the movie, these are from the 3-CD Quantam Edition which has about 6 more hours of interviews with scientists than the actual final cut movie does.

“Quantum mechanics is really the play and display of potentiality.  Waves of information.  Waves of potential electron.  And it’s important, the word ‘potential’.  This isn’t the world of electrons.  It’s the world of potential electrons. You have to ask the question: waves of what, really?  What is the field that is waving?  Is it the ocean?  No.  It’s a Universal Ocean.  An ocean of pure potentiality.  An ocean of abstract potential existence.  We call it the unified field or super string field.  And that’s what we are made of.”
~John Hagelin, Ph.D.

“We have to go beyond our senses to create a new paradigm.”
~Dr. Joseph Dispenza

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