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The Hiding Place

The most secure place to hide a treasure of gold
is in some desolate, unnoticed place.
Why would anyone hide treasure
in plain sight?
And so it is said,
“Joy is hidden beneath sorrow.”

Excerpted from The Pocket RUMI Reader~Edited by Kamir Helminski

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Fear is Only an Indicator

  Fear means… that thought is BOGUS!

So when someone says, “I’m afraid of something,” we wanna say, “Of course
you are afraid, that’s a stupid, irrational thought!!! It has nothing to do
with who you really are and what you know. That thought will ALWAYS feel

Every time you put yourself down, or you feel unworthy, or you feel
incapable, or you feel not nice, and you point that lens at yourself or at
someone else, no matter how justified the current conditions seems to be to
make you point that lens and make that condemnation, the reason it feels so
awful is that it is so far apart from what you really know.

Fear is only an indicator of vibration…

Don’t fear your fear or dread your fear,
embrace your fear, love your fear
for the indicator it is.

               Abraham-Hicks, Alaskan cruise, 7/8/07B

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