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We have not come here to take prisoners,
But to surrender ever more deeply
To freedom and joy.

We have not come into this exquisite world
To hold ourselves hostage from love.

Run my dear,
From anything
That may not strengthen
Your precious budding wings.

Run like hell my dear,
From anyone likely
To put a sharp knife
Into the sacred, tender vision
Of your beautiful heart.

We have a duty to befriend
Those aspects of obedience
That stand outside of our house
And shout to our reason
“O please, O please,
Come out and play.”

For we have not come here to take prisoners
Or to confine our wondrous spirits,

But to experience ever and ever more deeply
Our divine courage, freedom and
~ Hafiz
The Gift-Versions of Hafiz by Daniel Ladinsky

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World was in the face of the beloved –,
but suddenly it poured out and was gone:
world is outside, world can not be grasped.

Why didn’t I, from the full, beloved face
as I raised it to my lips, why didn’t I drink
world, so near that I could almost taste it?

Ah, I drank.  Insatiably I drank.
But I was filled up also, with too much
world, and drinking, I myself ran over.

~Rainer Maria Rilke
Ahead of All Parting: The Selected Poetry
and Prose of Rainer Maria Rilke
Edited and Translated by Stephen Mitchell

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These Friends of Mine

These friends of mine
Live their lives
Spend their time
Hoping to find
Who they are
How they’re made
Thought maybe they’d
Help to find the way

These friends of mine
They have lives
They work hard
To live them right
And when they laugh
It makes me high
They’d take a train
10,000 miles before they’d fly

These friends of mine
They feel alone
When the shows are over
Don’t know where to go
In Philadelphia
At Christmas time
They question love
Wonder why they try

And when the show is over
How I hope that they discover
The joy that they bring
And I hope they remember
This bond we have together
And how they love to sing

These friends of mine
Live in New York
They were raised in Michigan
They don’t know things
They don’t hold hands
Guard their hearts
The best they can

And when the show is over
How I hope that they discover
The joy that they bring
And I hope that they remember
This bond we have together
And how they love to sing
They sure love to sing

Maybe I needed this time
To be reminded for myself
Maybe I needed this time
To be reminded for myself
How I love to sing

Rosie Thomas
Song & Album: These Friends of Mine

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Asking yourself the deeper questions
opens up new ways of being in the world.
It brings in a breath of fresh air. 
It makes life more joyful.
The real trick to life is not to be in the know,
but to be in the mystery.

~Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D.
Dr. Quantum’s Little Book of Big Ideas:
Where Science Meet Spirit

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The Beginning of Love

The beginning of love
is to let those we love
be perfectly themselves,
and not to twist them to
fit our own image.
Otherwise we love only
the reflection of ourselves
we find in them.

~Thomas Merton: No Man is an Island

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Everybody secretly is an adventurer.
Everybody loves the adventure.

Just taking that first step —
and once they have that
moment of insight —
that moment of insight carries
a frequency, carries a message
{and} the cells of the body are
enlivened by possibility.

They’re enlivened by unknown potentials.
They’re enlivened by a future history or a
future opportunity that may be down the
rabbit hole a little further.

And, if they allow themselves to experience
the quandry and the mysticism and the possibility
that when they emerge from the rabbit hole,
they are a different person.

And, now they go back into the world and because
they processed that information and left footprints
in the mind and in the brain their perception of the
world will never be the same.
~Dr. Joseph Dispenza
quotation from: What the Bleep!? Down the Rabbit
Hole/Quantum Edition

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God’s Wounds

Through the great pain of stretching
beyond all that pain has taught me,
the soft well at the base
has opened, and life
touching me there
has turned me into a flower
that prays for rain.  Now
I understand: to blossom
is to pray, to wilt and shed
is to pray, to turn to mulch
is to pray, to stretch in the dark
is to pray, to break the surface
after great months of ice
is to pray, and to squeeze love
up the stalky center toward the sky
with only dreams of color
is to pray, and finally to unfold
again as if never before
is to be the prayer.

~Mark Nepo
Excerpted from Essential Sufism
Edited by James Fadiman
and Robert Frager

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