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Like A Prayer

 I was washing the pots and pans.

Something about putting any part of my
body in water and something changes.
I’ve noticed that in the shower
how suddenly I could be singing out in pure joy
or crying quietly letting the water wipe my tears.

I wondered what it would be like to wash the pots and pans like a prayer.
Like a prayer, like mindfully, like I was fully present with what I was doing
not like it was something to check off my list of things to get done today

And having the warm water just made it so easy, just immerse my hands
in warm water and soapy bubbles and begin to wash the contours of these
pots and pans that held my creation of cream of broccoli soup.

Wash them like a prayer.
Honor them like a prayer.

What can I do today
like a prayer
of so much that
goes unnoticed.

Just being.

Mostly everything.

Love, Bethie

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Seth on Perfection

Perfection is not being,
for all being is in a state of becoming.
This does not mean that all being
is in a state of becoming perfect,
but in a state of becoming more itself.

Seth-Jane Roberts
The Nature of Personal Reality
(c) Robert F. Butts

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