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A happy life is just a string of happy
moments.  But most people don’t allow
the happy moment, because they’re so busy
trying to get a happy life.

Excerpted from Abraham-Hicks Quarterly Journal
Oct, Nov, Dec 2003 – Vol 26

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Dear Ones,

Each time that I read Rainer Maria Rilke I am touched.  Sometimes there are tears of joy, sometimes tears of knowing.  Always I feel as if we are peering through the same window of Life and he has put what my heart feels onto paper.  When I find music that I like, I will listen to it over and over but with Rilke, I read a page at a time, savoring the rest for some other day and thankful for each reading.  I read his words often aloud to myself, as if I’m doing my own personal poetry reading.  And today I have chosen:

Only as a child am I awake
and able to trust
that after every fear and every night
I will behold you again.

However often I get lost,
however far my thinking strays,
I know you will be here, right here,
time trembling around you.

To me it is as if I were at once
infant, boy, man and more.
I feel that only as it circles
is abundance found.

I thank you, deep power
that works me ever more lightly
in ways I can’t make out.
The day’s labor grows simple now,
and like a holy face
held in my dark hands.

Excerpted from Rilke’s Book of Hours: Love Poems to God
translated by Anita Barrows and Joanna Macy

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