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The Divine Child

Inevitably, after we have these moments of recognizing who we really
are, we fall asleep again.  But some of us are never the same.  We’re
haunted by what we’ve experienced.  It echoes in everything we do.
Having experienced it once, we quicken to our truest nature when it is
revealed to us again –as it inevitably will be.  We feel the alienation
from this way of being when we’re not living from it.  We feel homesick
for our true nature.  We begin to long for it.

All mystical paths have taught that the union with God, or with the
Absolute, subtly transforms the self.  Each time we penetrate into
samadhi, we have a small death-rebirth experience.  Samadhi destroys
the world as we know it–it’s boundaries and categories.  The deeper
into union I penetrate, the less I am “I”, and the more I am “we”.  For
this reason, the merger with the One is known to create psychological
upheaval and world-shattering shifts in perception.

…These are the deaths that are necessary for the birth of what Carl
Jung called “the divine child” — the deeper layers of the spirtitual self.

excerpted from Yoga and the Quest for the True Self~Stephen Cope

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