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Shot of Abe

If you will decide you’re a soother.
You are not vigilant about what’s right or wrong.
You are not a righter of the wrongs of the world.
You are not even the one who is pointing the direction of which way to go.
You are soooothers.
You are teachers.
A teacher is one who helps others connect to the stream.
You will never demand someone into their connection.
You will never harass someone into their connection.
You will never impeach someone into their connection. 
You will never legislate someone into their connection, you see.
You love them into their connection, you allow them into their connection,
you encourage, you well wish them into their connection.
And what we’re wanting you to do is let your connection be of primary importance.

(Abraham 8/22/98)

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I’m now starting to feel that pain is a good thing and maybe I don’t want to move out of it so fast.  Maybe it has something to teach me.  Maybe I have something to teach it.  I’m rather fond of the dual role of both teacher/student. 

Back in early October when I had a ‘near life’ experience, I felt more pain than I had for a long, long time.  I thought it would last forever, I thought it had nothing to teach me, I thought I would never look back on that time and feel grateful for it.  Guess what?  None of that is true. 

Next time I’m feeling pain, I’m gonna ask myself to hold a spot open for the possibilities, while simultaneously allowing the pain.  Pain’s not so bad, until I call it bad…what if I call it a good thing, what if I call it a spiritual growth thing, what if I call it an expansive thing (hi, Abe), what if I call it a trust thing…I like that.

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