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On my last Abe Cruise, we went to the Western Mexican Riveria.  Nice, but you know I could go anywhere Abe goes.  So one night my friend and I are deciding what to order for breakfast.  On the cruise you just hang your little door hanger thingie out for room service and it’s all inclusive in the cost of a cruise.  Way fun!  So we are reading off the menu and in between that I have started a decidedly upstream conversation about, well, wouldn’t you know, one of my kids!  So my dear friend, who has a rocking good sense of humour, while holding the breakfast menu in her hand, says: cornflakes or froot loops?  I roared with laughter complete with the occasional snort – too funny!  And guess what, it was an insta-pivot and sent me straight into uproarious laughter :)

So now I’ve got that little phrase on one of my personal well being cards: cornflakes or froot loops.  I’m on a mission to discover the best, the funniest insta-pivots, let me know if you’ve got some, too!

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