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Well I went to sleep last night right after watching America’s Next Top Model.  I know you are chuckling out there but I do like reality shows :)  So Tyra ends the show with this little quoteable:
‘you have to use that natural talent that you have.  Take that and OWN THAT’

Good stuff, Tyra.  Off to dream I went and my dream had a message about talent.  In the dream, I read poetry that I found in a thrift store, I created that love poem written by some unknown-to-me man to his beloved, decades ago, about his visit to the white canyons.  I never even heard of white canyons and I don’t write poetry, at least I didn’t think I did.  Also, I created all that vintage inventory in the store.  I became both fashion designer, story teller and poet all in one dream.  So it brought up to me the nature of talent as something innate and the nature of talent as something I/all could choose to be anything we want, whenever we want.  Dreams will take you anywhere you want to go, they can show you how you are capable of anything, they can also show you lots of other things, too.  The possibilities truly are endless and I just love believing that everyone not only has a special gift/talent but that we all have access to infinite talent.  Wow, why that should be a biggie to me, I dunno, but it is…may you discover what talent you didn’t know you had and may you step into the joy of knowing you are infinite talent…Love and Light, Beth

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