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The Box

What if you came to your doorstep today
and discovered a box left there with your name on it.

It didn’t have any markings on it
save for your name.

With curiosity, you open it.
Inside is every kindness you’ve ever given
every loving thought you’ve ever had.

What memories would flood you
in that moment?
How would you feel?
Who would you be?

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How can you who are so holy suffer?
All your past except its beauty is gone,
and nothing is left but a blessing.
I have saved all your kindnesses
and every loving thought you ever had…
They are beyond destruction and beyond guilt.
They came from the Holy Spirit within you,
and we know what God creates is eternal.
You can indeed depart in peace
because I have loved you as I loved myself.
You go with my blessing and for my blessing.
Hold it and share it, that it may always be ours.
I place the peace of God in your heart
and in your hands, to hold and share.
The heart is pure to hold it,
and the hands are strong to give it.

excerpted from A Course in Miracles

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