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god & cookies

…God never slams a door in your face
without opening a box of Girl Scout cookies…

excerpted from Eat Pray Love/Elizabeth Gilbert

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 ~ It’s all about cookies ~

You understand the game of inclusion relative
to some things.

Pretend that you’re standing in front of a cookie
counter, and there are many kinds of cookies there —
just about every kind you’ve ever heard of is
represented in this magnificent bakery.

When you stand there, inclusion comes natural to you
doesn’t it. You say, ‘Well I’d like one of those and
I’d like one of those.’ You don’t say, ‘Oh, look at
those icky peanut butter cookies.’ You don’t say,
‘I worry that those peanut butter cookies are going
to take over the counter.’ You don’t say, ‘We’d
better get rid of those peanut butter cookies because
you know how they spread. If we don’t nip it in the
bud, they will take over.’

In other words, you don’t play the game of exclusion
when you’re talking about cookies, and what we would
like you to understand is it’s all about cookies.

You live in a land of contrast because contrast is
essential to decision. But if you will become includers
of what you do want rather than excluders of what you
don’t want, you’ll purify [not contradict] your Energy.
And when you begin to line up your Energy, you will be
amazed at how fast the Universe responds to you.

Instant manifestations will become a daily occurrence
for you when you, yourself, are not contradicting your
own vibrational desires.”

~ Abraham-Hicks
G- 6-6-96

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