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Do not worship it.
When I remind you to choose Love,
I am saying to take off your blindfolds
remove your costumes,
unwrap the shrouds that have kept you distant,
lonely and in pain,
and be present in this moment.
Choosing Love is saying yes to life.
Fear would advise you to say no.
You are faced with a choice.
“Are there no other alternatives?” you ask

Fundamentally there are no others.
Your choice is between illusion and truth.
There is no particular formula for choosing.
There is only your intent.  Will that be enough?
It will be enough to start you on your way.

Keep asking yourselves, “Am I here now?”
Just that question
will make enormous changes in your lives.
If you ask it experientially
rather than philosophically,
you will find that it becomes a mantra
that will bring you back,
breath by breath, to this time, to this place,
for in truth there is no other.

As you set yourself free from your histories,
you will wear your costumes more lightly;
you will smile much more than usual,
and you will release your hearts
to the point where you begin to trust them.
You will, in short,
let yourselves out of prison, bar by bar.

Fear is a habit.
As you recognize it,
you will be able to loosen the viselike grip —
not that fear has upon you —
but that you have upon fear.

Fear will go away
once you give it permission
to leave.

Excerpted from Emmanuel Book III: What Is an Angel Doing Here?

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