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The nature of despair is not really who you are.
I am not going to talk you out of it.
I would, if I could, talk you into it.
Despair, pain and grief are held to be unpleasant
and thoroughly undesirable.
Dearest friend, take the lighted candle
of your own faith, and enter completely
into your despair.
Be there. Look around.
Let your self-remembering light that cavern,
demanding nothing, expecting nothing.
Rather than push away your despair,
just say yes to it.
If you are in your despair, an Angel is there.
If you say yes to your pain,
then that pain is filled with Love.
This is not something to think or merely perform.
It is something to be.
Say yes in that despair filled moment
when you are able,
and with your next breath say yes again.
Let the breath that follows also be a yes.
And, if you are willing to allow
the structure of despair to alter,
you will observe it beginning to change.
You are in no danger.

~Emmanuel excerpted from Book III-What is An Angel Doing Here?~

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