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If I were in the hotseat today, I wouldn’t have a question for Abraham.  I’d only want to express my gratitude to them.

It was the last year that they actually had a workshop in Dallas, when I was called on to sit in the hotseat.  It wasn’t my first time in the hotseat but this time I trembled like a cross between the Scarecrow and the Cowardly Lion coming before the Wizard of Oz.  :)  My question was that important to me.

It was about my adopted son.  He came to us as a foster child when he was just a little over 4 months old.  He chose to come into more contrast than anyone I personally know.  Abraham said he and I were vibrationally similar in non-physical.  They also said that someday that he and I, if we were wanting, would write material that would revolutionize the way that people viewed bipolar and abused children.  I never told Abraham anything about him having a diagnosis of ‘bipolar’, which he did at the time.  But I forgot they know everything.

I absolutely know that Abraham spoke through me the first time I said to my son:
‘you are much more of a Lover than a hurter’.  Today when I ask my son, ‘who are you?’  He replies, ‘I am a Lover’.  And they are not just words to him, he means it.
You can’t interact with this now approaching adolescent young boy and not come away knowing that he is a Lover.

It could have gone so many ways.  Many professionals have said you do not see the level of compassion and lovingness in a child with this kind of history.

I was already listening to Abraham when he first came to us.  I haven’t stopped listening, though sometimes now there are long gaps between actually listening to a CD.  My heart already knows.

And Abraham, thank you could not express how deeply grateful I am that you were the conduit through which I helped my son remember what he came in already knowing.  Yes, my son, you are a Lover.  We are all Lovers.  I love you Abraham.

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