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Someone on an Abe forum I participate on, asked the following question:

Has anyone ever had general fear based thoughts..(I did this before
LOA too) ie…If I don’t send this email…what if something bad
happens? Or…If I don’t do my meditation this morning I will ‘rock’
the boat of all that’s good in my life?

And I replied:

I think I’ve written about fear on this list about a hundred times or more cuz I’m that whatever number on the enneagram that’s fear based, meaning I not only worry for myself, I worry for the Universe.  So actually your job is already taken, I’m filling it for you.  Just kidding :)  I could tell you a ton of things of which the most important is that fear does not exist without some sort of story that you tell yourself to back it up.  That helps me sometimes.

Here’s the one thing that will work everytime without fail but you have to want to do it, more than you want to ruminate.  That sounds pretty obvious, but sometimes fear is another mask for perpetuating self hate.  That’s my opinion anyway.  OK the thing that works every time:

Take a deep conscious breath, do it again…you can’t worry and consciously breathe at the same time.  In other words you can’t be IN THE PRESENT MOMENT and worry at the same time.  Fear and it’s joined at the hip pal, worry, can’t flourish in an environment where you are focused in the now.  But it flourishes quite well when we focus outside of the now.

So deep breath, silenty say: present moment AND I love myself enough to not want to beat myself up with this thing called fear.

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The Universe has the ability to orchestrate on your behalf. But you have got to
practice being the one who receives that, you see. You can’t say ~ well, it
happens to them and it happens to them but it doesn’t happen to me because then
it won’t happen to you.

You have to say ~ it happens to me. It happens to me. The best of them come to
me. It happens to me.

What happens to you?

Good stuff happens to me. Good stuff happens to ME.

What do you mean?

Dollars flow to me, parking places flow to me, lovers flow to me, everything
that I’ve ever wanted flows to ME. It happens to me and it happens on a steady

Oh, you mean it all comes at once?

NO, I couldn’t enjoy it, if it all came at once. I don’t want to eat ALL the
food for the rest of my life TODAY. I don’t want to enjoy all of the lovers
that will ever come to me today. I don’t want all of the parking places today.
I only want it to come as I am wanting it. In and out. In and out. In and
out. It all comes to me, you see.

You are doing extremely well.

Abraham ~ North Los Angeles ~ March 2003

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