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Watching Vertigo recently, I googled Kim Novak as she always fascinated me. She was a sex symbol of her time or at least that is what Hollywood would have made of her.  I found a ton of quoteables attributed to her but this one stood out the most:

“My security comes from my senses, my sensing the direction I should go and suddenly I felt out of tune, out of step with what other people wanted or what other people expected of me.”

Really she’s talking about her Inner Guidance and that she was in touch with that and that is where her sense of security came from.  It’s poignant to me right now because as I quote this one and that one…that I’m not really wanting to hear anyone but my own inner voice right now.  It’s gotten me this far, hasn’t it?  It might not be pretty or perfect at times, but it’s me.

I feel like I’m having a taking back the night experience, only I’m not marching topless down main street in protest of what I can’t have, cuz I can have it all and or any portion of it all that I want to create.  I’m not shutting any one voice out either, I’m just remembering though I may be part of the One Voice, I am uniquely my voice.  And who better to listen to then my own true voice.  I love my own true voice, it is the most compassionate, loving voice I know.

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I haven’t written much in the last few days.  I’ve been on what Abe used to call a data collecting side trip.  It’s when you are off the highlighed route.  You could call it lost, you could call it forgetting, you could call it that dance that we do between forgetting and remembering Who We Really Are.  Or data collecting side trip works fine, it’s neutral, no judgement, just a side trip.  I haven’t yet determined what data I have collected :)  But I can rest assure, whenever I go on these trips, whether I’ve packed my bags or not, no matter how long I’m gone, expansion is on the horizon.  And in the meantime, I leave you with a quote from Emmanuel today.  It’s always a comfort to know that contrast is necessary for expansion, as Abe says or that without darkness we could not appreciate light, as Emmanuel seems to suggest.

When you deny your 'yes' because there 
 is a shred of 'no' left and you want to be 
 absolutely sure that you have swept out 
 all the darkness before you can claim your 
 Light, I urge you to not be such a 
 perfectionist.   Darkness leads you into the 
 recognition of Light.  Then darkness 
has served you well. 

~Emmanuel (excerpted from Emmanuel's Book II:  The Choice for Love)

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