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I love getting back to the basics of ‘what am I saying yes to?’  I love getting back to the basics of ‘what’s right with this picture?’  I love getting back to the basics of ‘what do I want?’  I forget nearly everytime I’m discombobulated I’m saying no to something or asking what’s wrong with this picture or I’m in a circle of I don’t want this thing, whatever this thing is.  That and having my business anywhere else but in my own, caring about anybody’s Guidance but my own, pretty much sums up everything that will discombobulate me every time.

I love getting back to just how simple it really is.  Oh, and I love the word discombobulate. :)

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 “We often ask, ‘What’s wrong?’  Doing so, we invite painful seeds of sorrow to come up and manifest.  We feel suffering, anger, and depression, and produce more such seeds.  We would be much happier if we tried to stay in touch with the healthy, joyful seeds inside of us and around us.  We should learn to ask, ‘What’s not wrong?’ and be in touch with that.  There are so many elements in the world and within our bodies, feelings, perceptions and consciousness that are wholesome, refreshing and healing.  If we block ourselves, if we stay in the prison of our sorrow, we will not be in touch with these healing elements.”

Excerpted from Thich Nhat Hanh – Peace Is Every Step: The Path of Mindfulness in Everyday Life

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