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I’ve been on this self-love trip for what seems like forever. Truly it felt
like that at times. Like haven’t we covered this before and you are
still doubting yourself, you are still needing others approval and
validation. And I’ve done all sorts of things, I would say one of the
most powerful exercises was from the movie What the Bleep.  It was the
scene where she writes on herself, when she has that pivotal moment of
enormous self rage and hatred and then she begins to write love notes on
herself and gets in the tub to soak it all in. I was all over that. So
for months I wrote love notes on myself. And I’ve done many meditations
of wrapping myself in self love ribbons that flowed up and down and thru
my body. I’ve breathed in love, breathed out love. But still something
was missing and then it became so next logical step for me.

And here’s what was missing. I was in everybody’s business alot and not
in mine enough. The more you are in other’s pies the more validation
and approval you require from others.  Realize that ultimately
every story you tell that has the unhappy ending of so and so doesn’t
love me, like me, whatever, is really a story you tell about how YOU
feel about you.  You/I just project it out as everyone else’s story
about you because you are in their business speculating from your own
disconnected place.  And here’s what else happens, at least it’s happening
to me, stick to my own business and I actually begin to hear my own Inner
Guidance. And I’ve got to tell you when you discover that you’ve got it
and you can hear it and it’s right on, it’s the best high in the world.

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