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Landing on my Feet

Someone once asked regarding the Abraham teachings: “so if this is really true…if I can’t ever get it wrong, this means, I can quit my toxic job this afternoon and never need worry about negative consequences?  That I’ll land on my feet beautifully.”

And my reply to them was: You didn’t come forth because you wanted guarantees.  And you knew you would ‘land on your feet beautifully’ because you knew the Divine that is back of EVERYTHING.  And you didn’t come forth to have some one dimensional point A to point B experience.  You came forth for the multi-laytered Adventure of it all, because you knew the Joy was in that moment-to-moment Creation, the hands in the clay, paint on the canvas experience that only YOU can have.

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Recognize that every judgment is a self-judgment,
regardless of how you spin it around.

The concept of forgiveness lies outside of the Oneness,
for it holds the connotation that something wrong has been done.
The world is a mirror for you.  What is there to forgive?

– Emmanuel’s Book II The Choice for Love

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