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I belong to a large Abraham Hicks forum of discussion and someone wrote in the other day about how most of their life they followed what they thought they should do, what others wanted them to do, instead of doing what it is they wanted to do.   This is what Abraham calls ‘hoop jumping’ or someone holding up a hoop and no questions asked you jump through it because mostly everybody else does and it’s what is expected of you.

This person had gone to an art museum with a small group of people and choose to do the audio tour of the museum and others chose their version of how they would tour the art museum.  It appeared afterwards that others were not pleased with her decision and she now felt guilty for having done something that she wanted.  She appealed to the forum for help in getting beyond feeling guilty.

It’s a seemingly small but very poignant example of how we throw over our own Guidance in favor of what someone else wants of us.  I sent her the following reply:

What if Abraham told you that you create the kindgom of heaven right
here on earth and that YOU are the only one with the keys to said
heaven. So you’ve been throwing your keys out most of your life,
because others have told you effectively: “use my keys they won’t help
you but they will help me“. And now you come upon a time where you used
your keys and declined theirs and that makes people upset with you.  And
you feel guilty because you used the only keys that have any importance
AT ALL in the creation of YOUR life’s unfolding.

Many of us have been where you have been, distilled down to the points
I’ve made above, it seems a rather ludicrous practice to follow someone
else’s desires/demands of you. Yet it’s been trained into a good many
of us, at least here in America. Take heart, you’ve stepped into new
territory. You will have many more opportunities to get more familiar
with this territory and someday you will celebrate that you no longer feel guilty for doing it. You will KNOW that it’s your absolute birth right to follow your own personal access to YOUR Inner Guidance. And in the meantime, happy dance everytime you make a decision to follow what feels best for you, as you recently did at the art museum.

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