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Have you breathed today?  Well, yeah, of course you have.  The average person takes 12-24 breaths per minute…times that by 60 minutes by 24 hours…that’s many thousands of breaths.  How many breaths did you breathe on auto pilot?
Try spending just a minute or two to start with, sitting or laying and breathe thru your nose filling your lungs from the diaphragm up through the chest, your ribs and belly expanding as you do…then release the breath and feel your chest, abdomen fold back in.  Some people like to breathe a silent word or a mantra with this.  Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t, as a word tends to try to embrace a thought which defeats the purpose of breathing with the intention to just be present right here, right now.  No thinking, no processing, no past, no future.  The only thing felt at all is that which rises up from being present with yourself.  It’s a little present to give yourself every day – the present moment. 

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