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For the longest time I could not reconcile Abraham’s teachings with what my adopted son went through as an infant. They gave me the pieces I thought I needed as they said: they came through with powerful asking with a general intent to experience powerful contrast to know greater expansion, etc.

That just didn’t quite answer it all for me though. and the piece I
found – was any hint of blame,  means judging a thing as bad.
But if we do as Abe says, CREATE IT ALL and there is no ‘bad’,
no dark switch, no source of evil, then me judging his experience as
bad was the 3-D finite Bethie judging it as bad. The broader Bethie,
the one in concert with her broader perspective doesn’t see his
creation as a bad thing anymore, therefore there is no one to blame.

And as for my upbringing, I could not see myself as creator of it all
UNTIL I realized that the one who couldn’t see it that way was still
the 3-D finite Bethie who would have to take blame, if she said she
created it all. But the broader Bethie now knows I not only created
it all, I also know I create the blame. And the moment I step into blame I
choose to don the 3-D finite Bethie. Or as one of my favorite friend says – I don my Clark Kent outfit only *now* fully aware that I am also Superman.

And that’s the whole free will thing.  I get to choose limitations, I get to box myself in, I get to experience freedom from zero to infinity.

So I’ve got some new glasses to go with my Clark Kent outfit, little rhinestones on the sides.  I figure if I’m gonna do the Clark Kent thing at all, I might as well do it in style.  :)  Cuz one thing I know I’m not here because I’ve got all the answers, so when I’m busy wondering where the heck I lost my alignment, I’ve always got those rhinestone glasses to look forward to. :)

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It Is I Who Must Begin

It is I who must begin.
Once I begin, once I try —
here and now,
right where I am,
not excusing myself
by saying things
would be easier elsewhere,
without grand speeches and
ostentatious gestures,
but all the more persistently
— to live in harmony
with the “voice of Being,” as I
understand it within myself
— as soon as I begin that,
I suddenly discover,
to my surprise, that
I am neither the only one,
nor the first,
nor the most important one
to have set out
upon that road.

Whether all is really lost
or not depends entirely on
whether or not I am lost.

~ Vaclav Havel ~


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