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That’s what it says on a pinback button I have hanging on my car visor, along with two others ‘Uniquely Me’ and ‘Zippety Do Dah’…I lost one of my favorites that said: ‘The ozone layer or cheese in a spray can? Don’t make me choose’…ever reminding me not to take life too seriously.  :)

Now back to peace has begun with me.  It’s an inside job as Abraham so often tells us, as illustrated in this quote from San Antonio, TX September 2006:

“When an entire society is going with the flow what a wonderful world it
will be.

When you are the only one in society going with the flow what a
wonderful world it will be for you.”

I cannot bring peace to a world where I do not experience it within myself and in fact, the more I experience it in myself the more it becomes evident in the world around me.

Inner peace can be a multi faceted journey.   Today I am focusing on the peace that comes with experiencing love where there is fear.  Abraham says you cannot worry and feel fear at the same time that you love.  A Course in Miracles says fear is the absence of love.  I also term Divine Love as Divine Acceptance.  I know that I will not be completely free of every fear I’ve ever felt.  And that’s not really the point, nor is it my work to be completely free of anything.  My work is to put one spiritual foot in front of the other and move forward in the best way I know how.  It’s never about how far I move forward (expand), just that I do.  That feels like self-love and acceptance, it feels like fertile ground to plant the seeds of personal peace.  And so it is.

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