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Love Isn’t Here, But It’s Somewhere

I was musing on the lyrics of a Patty Griffin song the other day.  “Love isn’t here, but it’s somewhere”.  I wondered: is that true?  I know we’ve all had challenging times that can knock the wind out of our sails for a time.  It sure can feel in that moment like love isn’t here, but it really is, it always is.   It’s only as we are bound up in the drama, the story, or the judgement that we feel disconnected from knowing the Divine Love that we are.

I know that every challenge I’ve ever experienced in my life, I have benefited from in some way or another.  Abraham says that contrast is necessary for expansion.  Then they’ve also said we wish for you to all go home and find your houses blown down.  One day I did come home and metaphorically speaking found my house blown down.  It changed up everything about how I approached my life.  But only after I pulled so much asking through me and finally matched it with the willingness and the desire to go beyond the boundaries of my ‘former house’.  It also meant I had to get real with myself in ways I hadn’t fully done before and become aware of patterns I’d created and held onto for so long.  Only then did I come to know that allowing my house to be blown down was the most love inspired undertaking I’d ever experienced.

And, finally, here is Abraham taken from the Ashland, OR 7/22/06B workshop

“We want you to know that love is the basis of your world and it is
present in everything that allows it, you see. And just because there
is a particle of someone, somewhere, something that isn’t allowing it,
does not mean that it is not the pervasive basis of your time-space
reality. And when you slip into it, it will surround you. And when you
are standing in a pocket without it, sometimes it feels like it isn’t
pervasive, but it is our promise to you that it is.”

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What if this is a brand new moment always, what if every stroke on this laptop is a brand new moment, what if every breath I am now breathing is a brand new breath.  What if every moment is treated as holy ground…

That does it right there for me: what if every moment is treated as holy ground.

May I be mindful of this in all that I think, do and feel.  May I be mindful of it as I take a step, heel touching ground, then ball of foot, then toes.  Mindful of the coolness of my hands, the warmth of my torso.  The shoulders near my ears.  Deep breath…. ahhh, and they drop down again.

May I be mindful that I am holy ground.  May I be mindful that everything I encounter is holy ground.  May I be mindful that every moment is holy ground.  May I be mindful that I am simply blessed to experience, to shape, to mold and to choose the unfolding of this holy moment.  That is the gift of ultimate freedom.

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