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You will not exhaust
the love in the universe
if you were to absorb it
from now until the end of time.

Love is all that exists.

Love is the universal communication.
It is the energy that has created the
universe and is keeping it going.
God is love.
All matter is formed by love.
There is an organic love
that speaks to everyone
if they could but hear.
A leaf holds together
for love.


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If I were in the hotseat today, I wouldn’t have a question for Abraham.  I’d only want to express my gratitude to them.

It was the last year that they actually had a workshop in Dallas, when I was called on to sit in the hotseat.  It wasn’t my first time in the hotseat but this time I trembled like a cross between the Scarecrow and the Cowardly Lion coming before the Wizard of Oz.  :)  My question was that important to me.

It was about my adopted son.  He came to us as a foster child when he was just a little over 4 months old.  He chose to come into more contrast than anyone I personally know.  Abraham said he and I were vibrationally similar in non-physical.  They also said that someday that he and I, if we were wanting, would write material that would revolutionize the way that people viewed bipolar and abused children.  I never told Abraham anything about him having a diagnosis of ‘bipolar’, which he did at the time.  But I forgot they know everything.

I absolutely know that Abraham spoke through me the first time I said to my son:
‘you are much more of a Lover than a hurter’.  Today when I ask my son, ‘who are you?’  He replies, ‘I am a Lover’.  And they are not just words to him, he means it.
You can’t interact with this now approaching adolescent young boy and not come away knowing that he is a Lover.

It could have gone so many ways.  Many professionals have said you do not see the level of compassion and lovingness in a child with this kind of history.

I was already listening to Abraham when he first came to us.  I haven’t stopped listening, though sometimes now there are long gaps between actually listening to a CD.  My heart already knows.

And Abraham, thank you could not express how deeply grateful I am that you were the conduit through which I helped my son remember what he came in already knowing.  Yes, my son, you are a Lover.  We are all Lovers.  I love you Abraham.

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“…prepare for your blessing,
rejoice and give thanks and
it will come to pass.”

~The Writings of Florence Scovel Shinn~

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Hold fear in one hand.  Hold love
in the other.  Holding both, choose love
and choose love again.

Fear may call you back, “And what about me?”
You answer: “Yes, fear, I hear you.  I choose
love.  You may be part of human conditioning
but love will always be my choice, for that is the
only reality.”  Fear will shout, “But I am truth.
Listen to me!”  You reply, “My choice lies
outside of illusion, not within it.”


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We think the most powerful statement that we’ve ever made to any of you,
or questions that evoke clarity from you–

Truth or Untruth, you say TRUTH
Feel Good or Feel Bad, you say FEEL GOOD
Feel Good or Truth, you say “eechkiiiieeeeeaieiiiikkkkkkk”
I want to say FEEL GOOD but what I really mean is truth cause I have been
commanded & demanded & encouraged & programmed to face reality

Now that’s worth thinking about! You were taught to face reality
before you knew you were creating reality and now you know you’re
creating reality– You don’t want to face reality unless it’s a
reality you want to create.

And so, you say– and we we want to make that distinction between
reality and virtual reality:
Virtual Reality is the pure one.
Reality is MANGLED with historical things that do not please you.

*Abraham Hicks – Albany, NY 10/1/02

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Someone on an Abe forum I participate on, asked the following question:

Has anyone ever had general fear based thoughts..(I did this before
LOA too) ie…If I don’t send this email…what if something bad
happens? Or…If I don’t do my meditation this morning I will ‘rock’
the boat of all that’s good in my life?

And I replied:

I think I’ve written about fear on this list about a hundred times or more cuz I’m that whatever number on the enneagram that’s fear based, meaning I not only worry for myself, I worry for the Universe.  So actually your job is already taken, I’m filling it for you.  Just kidding :)  I could tell you a ton of things of which the most important is that fear does not exist without some sort of story that you tell yourself to back it up.  That helps me sometimes.

Here’s the one thing that will work everytime without fail but you have to want to do it, more than you want to ruminate.  That sounds pretty obvious, but sometimes fear is another mask for perpetuating self hate.  That’s my opinion anyway.  OK the thing that works every time:

Take a deep conscious breath, do it again…you can’t worry and consciously breathe at the same time.  In other words you can’t be IN THE PRESENT MOMENT and worry at the same time.  Fear and it’s joined at the hip pal, worry, can’t flourish in an environment where you are focused in the now.  But it flourishes quite well when we focus outside of the now.

So deep breath, silenty say: present moment AND I love myself enough to not want to beat myself up with this thing called fear.

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The Universe has the ability to orchestrate on your behalf. But you have got to
practice being the one who receives that, you see. You can’t say ~ well, it
happens to them and it happens to them but it doesn’t happen to me because then
it won’t happen to you.

You have to say ~ it happens to me. It happens to me. The best of them come to
me. It happens to me.

What happens to you?

Good stuff happens to me. Good stuff happens to ME.

What do you mean?

Dollars flow to me, parking places flow to me, lovers flow to me, everything
that I’ve ever wanted flows to ME. It happens to me and it happens on a steady

Oh, you mean it all comes at once?

NO, I couldn’t enjoy it, if it all came at once. I don’t want to eat ALL the
food for the rest of my life TODAY. I don’t want to enjoy all of the lovers
that will ever come to me today. I don’t want all of the parking places today.
I only want it to come as I am wanting it. In and out. In and out. In and
out. It all comes to me, you see.

You are doing extremely well.

Abraham ~ North Los Angeles ~ March 2003

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Watching Vertigo recently, I googled Kim Novak as she always fascinated me. She was a sex symbol of her time or at least that is what Hollywood would have made of her.  I found a ton of quoteables attributed to her but this one stood out the most:

“My security comes from my senses, my sensing the direction I should go and suddenly I felt out of tune, out of step with what other people wanted or what other people expected of me.”

Really she’s talking about her Inner Guidance and that she was in touch with that and that is where her sense of security came from.  It’s poignant to me right now because as I quote this one and that one…that I’m not really wanting to hear anyone but my own inner voice right now.  It’s gotten me this far, hasn’t it?  It might not be pretty or perfect at times, but it’s me.

I feel like I’m having a taking back the night experience, only I’m not marching topless down main street in protest of what I can’t have, cuz I can have it all and or any portion of it all that I want to create.  I’m not shutting any one voice out either, I’m just remembering though I may be part of the One Voice, I am uniquely my voice.  And who better to listen to then my own true voice.  I love my own true voice, it is the most compassionate, loving voice I know.

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I haven’t written much in the last few days.  I’ve been on what Abe used to call a data collecting side trip.  It’s when you are off the highlighed route.  You could call it lost, you could call it forgetting, you could call it that dance that we do between forgetting and remembering Who We Really Are.  Or data collecting side trip works fine, it’s neutral, no judgement, just a side trip.  I haven’t yet determined what data I have collected :)  But I can rest assure, whenever I go on these trips, whether I’ve packed my bags or not, no matter how long I’m gone, expansion is on the horizon.  And in the meantime, I leave you with a quote from Emmanuel today.  It’s always a comfort to know that contrast is necessary for expansion, as Abe says or that without darkness we could not appreciate light, as Emmanuel seems to suggest.

When you deny your 'yes' because there 
 is a shred of 'no' left and you want to be 
 absolutely sure that you have swept out 
 all the darkness before you can claim your 
 Light, I urge you to not be such a 
 perfectionist.   Darkness leads you into the 
 recognition of Light.  Then darkness 
has served you well. 

~Emmanuel (excerpted from Emmanuel's Book II:  The Choice for Love)

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I have always adored the lyrics to this song.  Sometimes I have sung it as if it were about a particular person I was not viewing in the ‘best light’ :) and many times I’ve sung it as if it were me singing to me.

See me beautiful,
look for the best in me.
That’s what I really am,
and all I want to be.
It may take some time
It may be hard to find,
but see me beautiful.

See me beautiful,
each and every day.
Could you take a chance?
Could you find a way?
To see me shining through
in everything I do
and see me beautiful.

~ by Kathy and Red Grammer

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