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Could it be that our Universe is kind?   I’ve often felt that I have alot more latitude in manifesting than getting exactly what I’m vibrating with. There is an old Abe quote that went something like: just think and feel 51% of the time towards what you are wanting to manifest. How many times have you found even when you had resistance on a subject that you manifested anyway? I recently found that on a subject I have much resistance around and all I did was spend about 30 seconds twice talking about it as if it had already manifested.

Now why does this happen? Why? because I live in a benevolent Universe that is absolutely geared in my favor, in your favor, in the little deer’s favor in my backyard, in the favor of the cedar trees out there, too, in the favor of the Canada geese who will make their way south in the winter.  All of nature, has the encoded ability to achieve balance and equilibrium, also known as homeostatis.  Abraham talks about this being our natural state.  Why is it that way? How could it be otherwise than that we live in a Universe that is absolutely rigged in our favor. And isn’t it a comfort to know that?!! It sure is for me.

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