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A few weeks ago I had an interesting dream. It was like a movie and another person played the part of me. I’m being hunted down by these seemingly nice, normal looking people. They want me for something but I don’t know why or what. Along the way I meet a guy and they are after him, too. So together we join forces to escape their capture. And we fall in love. But of course, the two essential themes for a good movie: romance and adventure.

To make the long movie short, there are lots of action and chase scenes. We are captured one by one. As it turns out, these people who captured me, they are actually the ones who already know that life is your own movie and that no matter what you create in the movie, life really is supposed to be a fun adventure.

I am told that I will be taken to the ‘other side’ and I will be given a debriefing. I will meet my deceased loved ones again and then I will come back knowing everything they already know. I’m given some kind of injection and a thin veil is revealed between this reality and the other side (non-physical). The other side is in black and white as opposed to the physical reality which is in brilliant color. I cross through this thin veil to the other side, I’m no longer frightened. I hug my loved ones which includes Lucille Ball as my mother. But of course. :-)

Now at the end of the movie I come back to our current reality in physical, human form. The final scene is: my lover and I have found each other again. Together we are dancing in the street because now we know it’s all for the fun & adventure, no matter what!

Looking back on this dream there were so many affirming messages for me. And, I wonder if physical reality reflected in brilliant color contrasted with non-physical in black and white, isn’t a clue into just what contrast is: nothing more than shades of brilliant color that we get to experience in one happening place – right here in this body, this life, this form, this dimension! Totally takes the sting out of contrast when I look at it like that.

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