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Today I am standing on the shoulders of my Inner Being(s). It’s that broader view I’m letting in. Another Abraham friend of mine once explained to me: I could be standing before a beautiful, intricately woven quilt. If I am standing with my nose pressed up to one little square of it, I cannot take in all the beauty of it. In fact, it may not look beautiful at all. But as I step back and my vision begins to take in the entire quilt, I see just how exquisite it is.

And so it is when I have my nose pressed up against a problem, or something that is not wanted, the latest concern about whatever – my vision is blurred, in a spiritual sense. I lack the clarity of the bigger picture.

Today I ask for the assistance of my Inner Being(s). Let me stand on your shoulders, allow me access to that broader perspective. I believe it’s just that easy, as Abraham says, ask and it is given.

I’ve also decided that I actually have more than one Inner Being. There are multiple Inner Beings floating around and lined up just for me. That way if one of them screws up my order :), I’ve always got a backup Inner Being to call on. And you know, in these technological times, back ups are a priority! Yup, life is supposed to be fun!

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