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Quoted from: Thich Nhat Hanh – Peace Is Every Step

Flowers and Garbage “Defiled or immaculate.  Dirty or pure.  These are concepts we form in our mind.  A beautiful rose we have just cut and placed in our vase is pure.  It smells so good, so fresh.  A garbage can is the opposite.  It smells horrible and it is filled with rotten things. But that is only when we look on the surface.  If we look more deeply we will see that in just five or six days, the rose will become part of the garbage.  We do not need to wait five days to see it.  If we look at the rose and we look deeply, we can see it now. And if we look into the garbage can, we see that in a few months its contents can be transformed into lovely vegetables, and even a rose.  If you are a good organic gardener, looking at a rose you can see the garbage, and looking at the garbage you can see a rose. Roses and garbage inter-are.  Without a rose, we cannot have garbage, and without garbage, we cannot have a rose.  They need each other very much.  The rose and the garbage are equal.  The garbage is just as precious as the rose.  If we look deeply at the concepts of defilement and immaculateness, we return to the notion of inter-being.”

I like what he’s written here because it illustrates that Source is everywhere, among ALL things.  And it’s easy to find that in rainbows and babies.  But if we are to truly believe that there is perfection in it all, then there is perfection in that which we would call garbage.  I want to remember that next time I stand next to someone who appears to be unwashed, who I am quick to assume is homeless and offensive due to their odor and their tattered clothes.  I want to remember I am standing with perfection. 

Today I assume it’s all perfect, it’s all Source, it’s all Divine Energy, no matter the form.

just my thoughts for today.

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