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How do you get aligned and how do you stay there?

When you poof into pure positive energy you will pretty much ‘stay there’
from what I gather Abraham tells us. But they also say you didn’t come
here to paint with the same color. You came here for the experiences
that flow into constantly developed new desires and preferences.

And my personal perspective tells me that it’s not being out of alignment
that bothers me so much as what I am telling myself about being out of
alignment. I could be saying things like: this feels so bad, why can’t I
get this right?, what am I doing wrong?, I’m a big fat spiritual fake, when is
this all going to turn around for me?, what am I going to do if I can’t get
this turned around?, I’ve got to change the way I feel right now cuz I can’t
stand living like this.


I could be telling myself it’s all OK, everything I’m feeling is OK and when
I stop judging myself for being out of alignment, when my life no longer
depends on alignment or not-alignment, when the feelings can waft through me
and I don’t grab onto any particular one, I bless them all – they are all
perfect, they are all me – when I can recognize that, the struggle ceases
it’s busy work. A deep and conscious breath fills me. I let it out. I am on my
way.  I am the Compassionate Lover of it All.

Love, Bethie

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This is about distraction or the lack thereof…

It was in the midst of an email conversation with my good friend
Belle that I felt inspired to start a 30 day program.

What it entails is basically every time I have a ‘negative’
thought, I acknowledge it with one word: “distraction” and
then I move on.   This includes all concerns and all judgments
of any kind, towards myself, any condition or anyone else.
All they are, are distractions from whom I choose to be.
It’s amazing how much BS I am refusing to make a dance
partner out of.  Yesterday morning when I first woke up and my
mind was like a searchlight out to lock onto what might be
wrong, I probably said “distraction” a dozen times before I
moved on.

I am very focused on one thing in particular, besides just
general overall peace of mind, I really want to try not making
things mean anything.  I want to suspend drawing conclusions,
making assumptions, building a story.

I had this wonderful opportunity while in conflict with a close
family member to actually practice this, to just state it was a distraction
and not engage in what any of it meant.  As a result, within minutes the
whole situation completely turned around into a really beautiful exchange
with one another.  But if I’d let myself be pulled into what it all could mean,
I would have responded so differently and that heartfelt exchange may
not have taken place.

On Christmas day, I will celebrate my present to myself, a free and
clear Bethie who isn’t lost in a story of her own making and suffering
because of it.  I’m out to end suffering in the place I first experience it.
One person at a time.

Love, Bethie

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Wow, I’ve been tagged by my good friend Belle at Abundance Journal and she was tagged by Cardin at OptimistLab, to play the High Vibe game which is all about what 5 ways do I use to raise my vibe.

Vibe – vibration, the words have actually been around a long time and used by so many. Perhaps the first time I heard of good (high) vibrations was via the Beach Boys’ famous song. It’s a song of pure positive and joyful appreciation expressed towards another, with just a little testosterone thrown in :)

Today vibration IS the name of the game, when it comes to those of us who listen to the teachings of Abraham/Jerry & Esther Hicks.

I have many ways of raising my vibe and some come to me in the moment brand new and fresh. I like to change things up alot, so I’m never stuck or bored by any one thing there is always something new I create.

And here’s some of my 5 favorite ways I raise my vibe:

1. I look up – literally.

How many times I’ve noticed that when I’m feeling low, my gaze is actually low to the ground. This works best outside but can work inside, too. I go outside and literally just look up and around, there is so much more to focus on than the limited perspective of the floor/ground and my feet. When I simply look up and around, I feel an immediate shift and lightness in my vibe.

2. I read my Well Being Cards.

I’ve ‘stolen’ this idea from Jerry and Esther Hicks and made up my own Well Being cards, some have Abe sayings, some have my own sayings, some are taken from the inspiring words of others or friends. Here are a few examples of them:

Once I drop the judgement, I’m on my way.
Let’s start feeling all emotion as holy.
Hope – having one positive expectation (hey, I can do that!)
Utter well being is lurking out there.
Everything at its core, is letting you love you.
In this moment, I allow things to be as they are.

3. Humour

My sense of humour never fails me, even in moments where I can’t find anything funny in the situation, which is pretty rare, well then I have a stock of Seinfeld and Daily Show episodes that I can always watch. I crack myself up with my own laughter, my laugh is full and hearty and genuine and so easily accessed. My husband loves to watch certain shows but will wait till I can watch them with him, because he says my laughter makes it that much more enjoyable. Laughter is one of my best medicines.

4. Pet your cat

I once heard Abraham say: when all else fails, pet your cat. It’s just one consonant over from pet to get, so somehow I misheard. It seems when all else fails, I actually ‘get’ a cat. I’ve got my limits though, and right now 5 is the limit. My brand new kitty, Muffin, is instant pleasure, he is pure connection – live, play like there’s no tomorrow and sleep.

5. Acceptance

High vibing is usually accessed best when you are not far from it. If you are pretty darn low in how you are feeling, it’s possible to quantam leap your way up to high vibing. It won’t be maintained though unless high vibing is where you typically hang out. Times when I’m feeling bad and it feels like a circle of feeling bad that I can’t get out of – those are the times when acceptance works best for me. The more I fight how I feel, the more I judge that I could even feel this low, the more I feel bad. When I understand that this too shall pass, when I love myself anyway, when I understand that oh, here’s this place I sometimes visit, no big deal, it’s a little blip – then I pass through it so much easier. Understanding that I have that choice to experience something kicking and screaming all the way or finding my way back to peace, which is ulitmately finding my way back to Love, that’s where’s it’s at for me.

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Mirror Work by Louise Hay –

“I love you ____________ ____.”

Insert your own name on the line!


I really, really love you. You are my best friend, and I enjoy living my life with you.

Experiences come and go; however, my love for you is constant. We have a good life
together, and it will only get better and better. We have many wonderful adventures
ahead of us, and a life filled with love and joy.

All the love in our lives begins with us. I love you. I really love you.

I talk to you with love.

Copyright 2002 by Louise L. Hay. “Meditations to Heal Your Life”

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Affirm: I forgive myself and I set myself free.

Heavy dependence upon anything outside myself is addiction.
I can be addicted to drugs and alcohol, to sex and tobacco; and
I can also be addicted to blaming people or judging people, to
illness, to debt, to being a victim, to being rejected. Yet, I can move
beyond these things. Being addicted is giving up my power to a
substance or a habit. I can always take my power back.

This is the moment I take my power back!

I choose to develop the positive habit of knowing that life is here
for me. I am willing to forgive myself and move on. I have an eternal
spirit that has always been with me, and it is here with me now.
I relax and let go, and I remember to breathe as I release old habits
and practice positive new ones.

Copyright 1994 by Louise L. Hay. “Meditations to Heal Your Life”

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I am neither too much nor too little. I do not have to prove
to anyone or anything who I am. I have come to know that
I am the perfect expression of the Oneness of Life. In the
Infinity of Life I have been many identities, each one a perfect
expression for that particular lifetime. I am content to be who
and what I am this time. I do not yearn to be like someone else
for that is not the expression I chose this time. Next time I will
be different. I am perfect as I am, right here and right now. I am
sufficient. I am one with all of Life. There is no need to struggle
to be better. All I need to do is to love myself more today than
yesterday and to treat myself as someone who is deeply loved.
As I am cherished by myself, I will blossom with a joy and beauty
that I can barely begin to comprehend. Love is the nourishment
that humans need to fulfill their greatness. As I learn to love
myself more, I learn to love everyone more. Together we lovingly
nourish an ever more beautiful world. We are all healed and the
planet is healed too. With joy I recognize my perfection and the
perfection of life. And so it is.

~Louise Hay — Heart Thoughts: A Treasury of Inner Wisdom

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That’s what it says on a pinback button I have hanging on my car visor, along with two others ‘Uniquely Me’ and ‘Zippety Do Dah’…I lost one of my favorites that said: ‘The ozone layer or cheese in a spray can? Don’t make me choose’…ever reminding me not to take life too seriously.  :)

Now back to peace has begun with me.  It’s an inside job as Abraham so often tells us, as illustrated in this quote from San Antonio, TX September 2006:

“When an entire society is going with the flow what a wonderful world it
will be.

When you are the only one in society going with the flow what a
wonderful world it will be for you.”

I cannot bring peace to a world where I do not experience it within myself and in fact, the more I experience it in myself the more it becomes evident in the world around me.

Inner peace can be a multi faceted journey.   Today I am focusing on the peace that comes with experiencing love where there is fear.  Abraham says you cannot worry and feel fear at the same time that you love.  A Course in Miracles says fear is the absence of love.  I also term Divine Love as Divine Acceptance.  I know that I will not be completely free of every fear I’ve ever felt.  And that’s not really the point, nor is it my work to be completely free of anything.  My work is to put one spiritual foot in front of the other and move forward in the best way I know how.  It’s never about how far I move forward (expand), just that I do.  That feels like self-love and acceptance, it feels like fertile ground to plant the seeds of personal peace.  And so it is.

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