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Today’s Blessing: In the night, when I awoke with fear and worry, I greeted my old companions on this road. At times fear, I have thought you foe — together we would toss and turn, tangling ourselves in the bedsheets.

But not last night, instead I lay there peacefully and welcomed you. You are the mind’s way of trying to help. You are not my enemy. I have no real enemies.

I have a Universe that supports my well being, and it’s got my back. I am a daughter of this Universe. I am changeable, adaptable, flexible. Therefore, I am one with all Life, as the Universe carries at its essence, fluidity. This is why Rilke once wrote: “just keep going, no feeling is final.” I keep going, I do what is before me to do with a grateful heart.

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“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”  Viktor E. Frankl

Frankly, Mr. Frankl, I think on some primitive level we are hardwired for stimulus/response … or should I say – first stimulus then react?  What we are not hardwired for, and therefore must actively cultivate … is stimulus, what happens, and then response, how we actively choose to be with what happens.

Responding is something that requires an inner poise, several moments perhaps of quieting the body and mind through deep, conscious breathing — a means of reorienting the self out of flight or fight and into a mindful, grounded, choice-filled presence.

I had a real, visceral experience of this recently, as we all have had at some point. Potentially life changing moments can feel initially very scary, they can trigger all sorts of responses on a physical and emotional level.  I watched myself go through these reactions and then stop, very consciously breathe to allow enough space in to access that poise.

Pausing, breathing, acknowledging, allowing, add in some resistance, it may still come … allow this too.

It’s abhorrent.  Pause, breathe, allow this, too.  It shouldn’t be this way.  This isn’t right.  Pause, breathe deeply, allow this, too.

The space that Mr. Frankl speaks of is one that I find is nurtured over time with practice.  Maybe then it will be the go-to place we are hardwired for but maybe not.  What matters most?  My opinion: only this moment that we are not at war with ourselves, life or anyone else.

The golden ticket, the key that unlocks the door, is in that space where I allow myself to pause long enough to choose how I can genuinely be with whatever arises.  Genuine might be in that first knee jerk, primitive response, and that’s ok … but I am no longer fighting for my survival, as I did so many light years ago, today I can choose.  

Today I stand for freedom, my freedom, and for my right to choose how I will meet this moment.  My freedom, ironically lies in simply standing still, pausing, not believing or disbelieving in anything, all possibility and potential exist here, and I most importantly, cease to argue with life. 

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Don’t go anywhere without me.
Let nothing happen in the sky apart from me,
or on the ground, in this world or that world,
without my being in its happening.
Vision, see nothing I don’t see.
Language, say nothing.
The way the night knows itself with the moon,
be that with me. Be the rose
nearest to the thorn that I am.

I want to feel myself in you when you taste food,
in the arc of your mallet when you work,
when you visit friends, when you go
up on the roof by yourself at night.

There’s nothing worse than to walk out along the street
without you. I don’t know where I’m going.
You’re the road and knower of roads,
more than maps, more than love.


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wind god

Today’s blessing: ah, the wind softly whispered hints of spring. “Be patient, be patient”, it said. The birds chirped, “It’s here, it’s here.”

My heart was content to be in the spaces of here and not here, for the only day that matters is, of course, right here.

A Monday, unlike any other Monday behind it or ahead of it.

I mark it’s radiance here — knowing, too, between these majestic skies and this fertile earth, comes the spirit of wind winding through the streets, upon its wide sweeping shoulders rides the next evolution of change.

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This poem is a favorite of mine; I wrote it several years ago.  The first verse is the tag line you see whenever you visit Simply Blessed.  The “Beloved” I refer to here is God or Spirit, Universe, Divine Creator, Supreme Being, Source, All That Is.

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I have fallen between the cracks
and landed in the spaces
where love never fails

Beloved, you are my captor
and I am bound by your love

I hear you whisper softly
don’t speak. words fail here, just listen

churning on the seas of your desire
I am the rising and the falling

the beginning and the ending
the fullness and the emptiness

journey to the furthest point of your yearning
I am the anguish and the exaltation

I am the grain of sand awakening the pearl

I am the morsel you are tasting
be it bitter or sweet

quench your deepest thirst here
where you think I’m not

I Am.


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Today’s Blessing: today my practice is to surrender, no, not just surrender — *swoon* at the perfection that is back of all things. All belief in illusions fall away here.

The ripe fragrance of perfection wafts through the air, she leads you to that pure and eternal essence in the heart of Mother Earth. She bids you to lie here on her sacred ground, breathe deep, feel her roots, feel that deep support that never wavers or gives way.

She does not keep time or score, and she does not judge that I have. She transcends the root of all pain.

Today I stop wishing for something else to be different, I surrender and join her.

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Blessings Day 328: stepped outside on my porch to soak in the sun, and I sat there and breathed. Breathing in this sacred day. Breathing in my guides, ancestors, Divine Creator to join, guide and support me with their wisdom throughout the day.

Breathing in kindness, breathing out judgment, breathing in openness and willingness (two of my favorites). Breathing in trust that I am guided at every turn. I just forget sometimes. Breathing to the bright sky, she’s a beauty and her trees stand taller reaching toward her light.

And soon I’ll belong to the night and I’ll stop and breathe for the moon, she takes me as I am.  And as the night moon dreams, I am changed, molded seamlessly, effortlessly and surprisingly back to the still surface of a lake. Any turmoil of the day before is gone, as it eventually always is. Thoughts, feelings of the moment, those enjoyed, those not, they come and they go.  They leave quietly and without warning, when a sliver of no judgment enters through a crack in the door, and we are awash and renewed again in its benevolent grace.

There are constants in life we can count on, and one of those constants is that nothing is static.

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